Burglary/Robbery (contents only)

The policy extends to cover loss to the contents caused by Robbery/Burglary to the full sum insured of the contents

Bursting or Overflowing of Water Tanks, Apparatus or Pipes

The policy extends to cover accidental loss or damages caused by the bursting and/or overflowing of water or steam from plumbing systems, elevated tank and cylinders, refrigeration systems, breakage or leakage from street supply mains or fire hydrants, but excluding loss or damage to the system.

Debris Removal

The policy extends to include costs and expenses necessarily incurred by the Insured with the consent of the Insurer respect to a) removing debris b) dismantling and/or demolishing c) shoring up or propping d) affecting access to and/or recovery e)clearing drains and sewers of the portion or portions of the property insured, subject to a limit 10% of the sum insured any one occurrence.

Extra Expense (Building only)

That if the building or part thereof be destroyed or damaged by the perils insured against, rendering the premises un-tenantable, then the Company will pay the insured costs of alternative accommodation incurred while premises is untenantable.

Loss or Damage to Household Helper’s Personal Properties

The policy extends to cover loss and damage to the properties belonging to the Household’s Helper by perils hereby insured against whilst these are in the Insured’s premises up to a maximum amount of Php 5, 000.00

Personal Accident Insurance

The Policy extends covet the Insured and his household helpers against accidental death and dismemberment with limit up to Php 100,000.00 for the Insured and Php 10,000.00 each for the household helper with a maximum of three household helpers.

Personal Legal Liability

The Policy extends to cover personal liabilities for injuries or damages to third parties up to a maximum limit of Php 100,000.00 and costs of defending the Insured court up to maximum sum of Php 10,000.00, resulting from the Insured’s negligence or that of the immediate household member in connection to the Insured being a house owner.

Professional Fees

The Policy extends to cover professional fees that are necessarily incurred in the reinstatement of the property insured such as Architect’s, Surveyor’s Legal and Consulting Engineer’s fees up to maximum limit of 5% of the sum insured.P1,000,000.


- Must be located in preferred residential subdivisions or villages.
- Any homeowner or tenant of a residential apartment can avail the package
- The building should be of Class “A” construction (all external walls should be made of concrete hollow blocks and roof under galvanized iron of concrete).
- The building should be occupied solely as residence, no manufacturing, trading, storing of stocks or other commercial purposes.

Properties that can be insured are:

- Building/s
- Building Improvements Betterments
- Household furniture., fixtures, fittings , electrical and non-electrical home appliances, kitchen utensils, personal effects and belongings (cash, works of art and   jewelry excluded)
- The package is subject to Standard Fire Insurance policy terms and conditions including its corresponding endorsements and deductibles.
- Package is subject to minimum Total Sum Insured of Php 500,000.00. For other values, please request for a quote or click here
- OAC shall reserves its rights to process and evaluate all application forms.

Brief Description of the Special Coverage and Extensions

Automatic Increase Clauses

The Policy extends to cover automatic increase in excess of the sum insured up to 25% over the existing cover limit, provided that the insured undertakes to advise all such increases in value within 60 days from date of inception of such increases so that appropriate additional premium maybe charged accordingly.