HISTORY:  Oriental Assurance Corp.

When a fire broke out in one of the buildings in Manila during the 1960s, their occupants were desperately trying to save their properties, while curious spectators milled around as usual. One man alone, dressed in his business suit, stood quietly apart from the crowd: he was assessing in his mind the cost of what the fire had damaged. In a few minutes, he had it all figured out and was ready to write a check for the damage to the owner of the building, a client of Oriental Assurance Corporation.

The observer was Don Gonzalo H. Cotoco, who believed so strongly in insurance that he decided to devote his whole life to it. Starting out as an agent for leading insurance companies, he went on to start his own company, Oriental Assurance Corporation on May 3, 1962, serving as its first chairman and president. Later, he was to pass on this legacy to his son, Nazario H. Cotoco, who continued to lead Oriental, inspired by his father’s strong conviction in the importance of insurance.

OAC has distinguished itself as one of the major companies in the Philippine insurance market, with total assets of more than P1 billion. The company writes all lines of non-life insurance, and even offers exclusive insurance protection packages designed for clients on a highly professional level.

Today, Oriental Assurance continues to move forward, propelled by the synergy of talents and leadership in the Cotoco family’s third and fourth generations. The company has also moved consistently upward with its policy of giving excellent service to clients.

Through its alert observance of the insurance market, Oriental Assurance is determined to be second to none in bringing first-class insurance advice and services to its clients.

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Our Vision. We will be the preferred and most trusted company for all types of insurance across Southeast Asia because of our professionalism in our client service and versatility in our product portfolio.

Our Mission. We will provide the best and the widest array of financial instruments through innovative and competitive insurance products that will protect our clients' future.

We pride ourselves with our fast and fair claims settlements, customer friendly environment, state-of-art facilities and exceptionally efficient services delivered by our highly trained professional staff and agents.

We take care of our stakeholders by providing fair returns on their investments. Our employees, producers and other partners in business are the best assets of our company. We assure that we provide them with competitive financial, social, personal and professional growth opportunities.

We strive to be good corporate citizens by supporting fair and just policies and programs of the government within the industry where we operate.

Core Values


We are fair, honest, dedicated, knowleadgeable in our work, and respectful of one another. We do things that are always to the best interest by preserving confidentiality in all our dealings with them.

Passion for Excellence

We commit to be always better than before, better than others and better than expected in everything we do.


Our strength is in our synergy as a team.


We continuously search and create opportunities for the development of new and better products and services for total customer satisfaction.

Continuous Education

We never cease to satisfy our desire to increase our knowledge and improve our competencies in our field of expertise.

Social Responsibility

We unselfishly extend our professional responsibility and if need be, our personal care in serving not only our immediate clients, but even beyond their family members when the need arises.



Flowing in and out with every breath, surrounding and enfolding all things. We revel in its vastness and share in the life that it provides. The power of Wind epitomizes the freedom to purse your goals and joys in life.

OAC, in turn, gives you the power to cast aside your worries and enjoy the things you’ve worked hard for, with the vast range of products and expertise that breathes life into your investment.


In darkness, it sheds light. In the cold, it brings warmth. A path is revealed and troubles are eased. Fire is courage and passion in the midst of uncertainty.

Like Fire, OAC gives you a vision and security about the future. Our clients know the commitment and passion that goes into our service, and from this springs their confidence to boldly go forth.


The beginning and end of the cycle of our existence, we depend on the Earth to sustain our lives. Its yield provides shelter and nourishment and, with roots running deep into the ground, endure storms that come.

Earth epitomizes dependability and stability – the same qualities that OAC shares to those who have entrusted themselves to the years of experience and strong foundation it has built in the field of insurance.


In the open, it can flow forever. In stillness, its energies gather and lie in wait. Its touch quenches, cools, and fills out every corner, preserving and protecting life.

Like Water constantly flowing, OAC adapts to every bend and twist in its path. New trends, challenges, adversities are met with understanding and flexibility, as well as the earnest and personal care of a compassionate people.

Company Profile

Oriental Assurance Corporation’s Partial List of Producers

1. A.V. Ocampo Insurance Associates, Inc.
2. Abba Insurance Broker
3. Accette Insurance Brokers, Inc.
4. Alsons Insurance Brokers Corp.
5. AMA Insurance and Reinsurance Brokerage, Inc.
6. Anchor Insurance Brokerage Corporation
7. Anglo American Insurance Brokers
8. AR Insurance Agency
9. Ascolin Insurance Consultants
10. Asian Asset Insurance Broker
11. ATR KimEng Insurance Broker
12. Ayala Aon Risk Services, Inc.
13. BDO Insurance Brokers, Inc.
14. Bernard S. Ting
15. Bernardo-Francisco and Associates Brokers, Inc.
16. CBC Insurance Brokers, Inc.
17. Commerce and Trade Insurance Brokerage, Inc.
18. Cotoco Insurance Agency
19. DBP Insurance Brokerage, Inc.
20. Esteban Yau
21. Steveson Yau
22. First Filipinas Insurance Brokers, Inc.
23. Gotuaco Del Rosario and Associates, Inc.
24. Growth Insurance Agency
25. GTS Insurance Brokers, Inc.
26. Guevent Insurance Broker Corp.
27. HSBC Insurance Broker
28. IUBI Insurance Intermediary Corporation
29. Jose A. Lamson
30. K & A Insurance Brokers, Inc.
31. Ker Insurance Brokers, Inc.
32. Knoll Insurance Agency
33. LBP Insurance Brokerage
34. Lockton Phil. Insurance Brokers Corp.
35. Macondray Insurance Brokers Corp.
36. Magsaysay Houlder Insurance Brokers, Inc.
37. Maybank Philippines, Inc.
38. MD Financial Group, Inc.
39. Omni Insurance Brokerage
40. PDB Insurance Agency, Inc.
41. Penta Insurance Brokers
42. P. Lhuillier Insurance Agency, Inc.
43. Philsteel Insurance Services Agency
44. PLPI Financails Insurance Brokers, Inc.
45. Pryce Insurance Consultants, Inc.
46. R.A. Roco Insurance Brokers Inc.
47. Security Bank Corporation
48. Servimus Insurance Agency
49. Siybauco & Associates

50. Smithbell Insurance Brokers Corporation
51. Solutions Insurance Brokers, Inc.
52. Taishan Insurance Brokers (Phils.) Inc.
53. T-O Insurance Brokers, Inc.
54. Trinity Insurance Consultants, Inc.
55. Unicon Insurance Brokers Corp.
56. Vendome Insurance Brokers Corp.
57. Weinsure Insurance Agency, Inc. 58. Winebrenner & Iñigo Insurance Associates, Inc.
59. Worldwide Travel Insurance Plans

List of Financial Institutions, Government Agencies and Corporations Wherein Oriental Assurance Corporation is Duly Accredited

1. AIG-Philam Savings Bank
2. Ama Bank
3. Asia United Bank
4. Asian Development Bank
5. Banco De Oro – ECPI
6. Bank of China
7. Bank of Commerce
8. Bank of the Philippine Islands
9. BPI Family Bank
10. BPI Leasing Corporation
11. Banco Sentral ng Pilipinas
12. Bureau of Customs
13. China Banking Corporation
14. Chinatrust (Phils.) Commercial Bank Corp.
15. Clark Development Corporation
16. Development Bank of the Philippines
17. East West Bank
18. Export & Industry Bank
19. Filipino Financials Corporation
20. Government Services Insurance System
21. Land Bank of the Philippines
22. LBC Bank
23. Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company
24. National Labor Relations Commission
25. Orix Metro Leasing Corporation
26. Pag-ibig / HDMF
27. Philippine Postal Savings Bank
28. Philippine Savings Bank
29. Robinsons Savings Bank
30. Security Bank Corporation
31. Standard Chartered Bank
32. Supreme Court of the Philippines
33. Court of Appeals
34. Regional Trial Court
35. Metropolitan Trial Court
36. Municipal Trial Court
37. Toyota Financial Services, Inc.
38. United Coconut Planters Bank
Oriental Assurance Corporation’s Partial List of Clients

1. A.D. Gothong Manufacturing Corporation
2. Airlift Asia, Inc.
3. Asian Development Bank
4. Asiaphil Manufacturing Industries, Inc.
5. Associated Anglo-American Tobacco Corp.
6. Associated Wire Corporation of the Philippines
7. Atlas Fertilizer Corporation
8. Busco Sugar Milling Co., Inc.
9. Cagayan Corn Products
10. Columbian Motors Corporation
11. Del Monte Fresh Produce
12. Development Bank of the Philippines
13. Don Bosco College
14. Enchanted Kingdom
15. Fast Cargo Transport Corporation
16. Gillamac Marketing
17. Global Steelworks International (formerly Bational Steel Corp.)
18. Indo Phil Textiles, Inc.
19. JG Summit Holdings, Inc.
20. Jose Mari L. Chan
21. Keppel Group Philippines
22. La Filipina Uy Congco Corporation
23. Land Bank of the Philippines
24. Loadstar Shipping Corporation
25. Maina Square Properties, Inc.
26. Maybank Philippines, Inc.

27. Meridian Development Group, Inc.
28. MSI-ECS Philippines, Inc.
29. Negros Navigation, Inc.
30. Oilink International Corporation
31. Ortigas Medical Plaza
32. Pacific Place Condominium
33. Phelps Dodge Philippines
34. Philippine Phosphate Fertilizer Corp.
35. Phimco Industries, Inc.
36. Pilmico Foods Corporation
37. Prudential Life Plans, Inc.
38. Puregold Duty Free, Inc.
39. Puregold Price Club, Inc.
40. San Miguel Corporation
41. Sanoh Fulton Philippines, Incorporated
42. Shangri-la Hotel & Resort
43. South Western University
44. Steel Corporation of the Philippines
45. Suy Sing Commercial
46. Third Millenium Oil Mills, Inc.
47. Three Salcedo Place
48. Trans-National Paper Corporation
49. Valerie Products Manufacturing, Inc.
50. Valley Golf & Country Club, Inc.
51. Victor Hardware
52. Victorias Milling Company, Inc.
53. Western Marketing Corporation
54. Wordtext System, Inc.



Atty. Manolo Romulo
Chairman of the Board

Domingo N. Cotoco

Kent S. Cotoco

Donn Drake Daniel T. Cotoco

Donn Dave T. Cotoco

Atty. Florencio T. Mallari

Atty. Melody Anne Calo-Villar
Corporate Secretary


Domingo N. Cotoco

Kent S. Cotoco
Executive Vice-President

Gweny Lynn Hazel Uy Cotoco

Atty. Melody Anne Calo-Villar
Corporate Secretary/Chief Legal Counsel

Gonzalo C. Cotoco III
Vice-President, HR & Administration

Jose M. Ganacias, Jr.
Vice-President, Reinsurance

Rodolfo C. Mallilin
Vice-President, Accounting

Myron C. Mercado
Vice-President, Motor Claims and Underwriting

Elizabeth L. Recio
Assistant Vice-President, Surety

Donn Dave T. Cotoco
Vice-President, Marketing & IT

Renato L. Bay
Vice-President, Accident & Health

Reynaldo R. Murillo
Head – Fire and Casuality

Angel C. Tolentino, Jr.
Assistant Vice President

Alvin B. Santiago
Vice-President, Business Development

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